Schedule 2018

Final Standing

# Team W L
 1 Paris University Club 4 1*
 2 London Mets 4 1
 3 Stuttgart Reds 3 2*
 4 Swiss National Team 3 2
 5 East Europe All Stars 1 4
 6  Brabant United 0 5

 *Owned head-to-head tie breakers


Palomino schedule 2018


1 Friday, April 27th 16.30h - 18.30h Brabant United (NED,BEL) East Europe All Stars (LTU, BLR)  3  9
2 Friday, April 27th 19h00 - 21.00h London Mets (GBR) Stuttgart REDS (GER)  5  2
3 Saturday, April 28th 8.00h - 10.00h Paris University Club (FRA) Swiss National Team (CHE)  0  19
4 Saturday, April 28th 10.20h - 12.20h Stuttgart REDS (GER) East Europe All Stars (LTU, BLR)  5  3
5 Saturday, April 28th 12.40h - 14.40h London Mets (GBR) Paris University Club (FRA)  7  10
6 Saturday, April 28th 15.00h - 17.00h Brabant United (NED,BEL) Swiss National Team (CHE) 2  7
17.10h welcome ceremony Mannheim Tornados Stuttgart REDS
Saturday 19.30h REDS 1.BL Nightgame
7 Sunday, April 29th 8.00h - 10.00h Stuttgart REDS (GER) Paris University Club (FRA)  5  10
8 Sunday, April 29th 10.20h - 12.20h East Europe All Stars (LTU, BLR) Swiss National Team (CHE)  1  7
Sunday 14.30h REDS 1.BL game Mannheim Tornados Stuttgart REDS
9 Sunday, April 29th 17.40h - 19.40h Brabant United (NED,BEL) London Mets (GBR)  2  7
10 Sunday, April 29th 20.00h - 22.00h Paris University Club (FRA) East Europe All Stars (LTU, BLR)  15  13
11 Monday, April 30th 8.00h - 10.00h Swiss National Team (CHE) London Mets (GBR)  5  6
12 Monday, April 30th 10.20h - 12.20h Stuttgart REDS (GER) Brabant United (NED,BEL)  11  3
13 Monday, April 30th 12.40h - 14.40h East Europe All Stars (LTU, BLR) London Mets (GBR)  1  17
14 Monday, April 30th 15.00h - 17.00h Paris University Club (FRA) Brabant United (NED,BEL)  14
15 Monday, April 30th 17.20h - 19.20h Swiss National Team (CHE) Stuttgart REDS (GER)  5  12




Cage hours:
Visitor: GT - 2h15 until GT - 1h15
Home: GT - 1h15 until GT - 0h15
practice field:
Home: GT - 2h15 until GT - 1h15
Visitor: GT - 1h15 until GT - 0h15
Home and Visitor GT-1h15


Schedule Cage - Practice Field


Cage Team Practice Field Team
Fr 14.15h - 15.15h BrabU Fr 14.15h - 15.15h EAST
Fr 15.15h - 16.15h EAST Fr 15.15h - 16.15h BrabU
Fr 16.15h - 16.45h CLOSED Fr 16.15h - 16.45h CLOSED
Fr 16.45h - 17.45h METS Fr 17.45h - 18.45h METS
Fr 17.45h - 18.45h REDS Fr 16.45h - 17.45h REDS
Fr after 18.45h CLOSED Fr after 18.45h CLOSED
Sa 5.45h - 6.45h PUC Sa 5.45h - 6.45h SWISS
Sa 6.45h - 7.45h SWISS Sa 6.45h - 7.45h PUC
Sa 7.45h - 8.05h CLOSED Sa 7.45h - 8.05h CLOSED
Sa 8.05h - 9.05h REDS Sa 8.05h - 9.05h EAST
Sa 9.05h - 10.05h EAST Sa 9.05h - 10.05h REDS
Sa 10.05h - 10.25h CLOSED Sa 10.05h - 10.25h CLOSED
Sa 10.25h - 11.25h METS Sa 10.25h - 11.25h PUC
Sa 11.25h - 12.25h PUC Sa 11.25h - 12.25h METS
Sa 12.25h - 12.45h CLOSED Sa 12.25h - 12.45h CLOSED
Sa 12.45h - 13.45h BrabU Sa 12.45h - 13.45h SWISS
Sa 13.45h - 14.45h SWISS Sa 13.45h - 14.45h BrabU
Sa after 14.45h CLOSED Sa after 14.45h CLOSED
So 5.45h - 6.45h REDS So 5.45h - 6.45h PUC
So 6.45h - 7.45h PUC So 6.45h - 7.45h REDS
So 7.45h - 8.05h CLOSED So 7.45h - 8.05h CLOSED
So 8.05h - 9.05h EAST So 08.05h - 9.05h SWISS
So 9.05h - 10.05h SWISS So 9.05h - 10.05h EAST
So 10.05h-15.15h CLOSED So 10.05h-15.15h CLOSED
So 15.25h - 16.25h BrabU So 15.25h - 16.25h METS
So 16.25h - 17.25h METS So 16.25h - 17.25h BrabU
So 17.25h - 17.45h CLOSED So 17.25h - 17.45h CLOSED
So 17.45h - 18.45h PUC So 17.45h - 18.45h EAST
So 18.45h - 19.45h EAST So 18.45h - 19.45h PUC
after 19.45h CLOSED after 19.45h CLOSED
Mo 5.45h - 6.45h SWISS Mo 5.45h - 6.45h METS
Mo 6.45h - 7.45h METS Mo 6.45h - 7.45h SWISS
Mo 7.45h - 8.05h CLOSED Mo 7.45h - 8.05h CLOSED
Mo 8.05h - 9.05h REDS Mo 8.05h - 9.05h BrabU
Mo 9.05h - 10.05h BrabU Mo 9.05h - 10.05h REDS
Mo 10.05h - 10.25h CLOSED Mo 10.05h - 10.25h CLOSED
Mo 10.25h - 11.25h EAST Mo 10.25h - 11.25h METS
Mo 11.25h - 12.25h METS Mo 11.25h - 12.25h EAST
Mo 12.25h - 12.45h CLOSED Mo 12.25h - 12.45h CLOSED
Mo 12.45h - 13.45h PUC Mo 12.45h - 13.45h BrabU
Mo 13.45h - 14.45h BrabU Mo 13.45h - 14.45h PUC
Mo 14.45h - 15.05h CLOSED Mo 14.45h - 15.05h CLOSED
Mo 15.05h - 16.05h SWISS Mo 15.05h - 16.05h REDS
Mo 16.05h - 17.05h REDS Mo 16.05h - 17.05h SWISS
Mo after 17.05h CLOSED Mo after 17.05h CLOSED

The spreading of Corona Virus is continuing even stronger than before. So there wil be no chance to hold PALOMINO European tournament in the end of April / beginning of May 2020.

Therefore, we hereby officially cancel the event.

Your participation fee will be reimbursed soon, but please don't wait for immediate treatment as our club has thousands of things to do in this difficult situation. We hope that everyone of you is still healthy and that we will be able to play some Baseball this year.

Right now, we can only ask you to cancel all travel arrangement due to the current travel restrictions and Corona Virus spreading which are subject to "force majeur" and therefor cancellation should be possible without cancellation fees. This fact is currently being checked by our club's lawyers.

Nevertheless, we stay confident that there will be some Baseball later this year and if we see a possibility to hold the tournament (even if not a qualifier to the World Series) in Stuttgart later this year, we will inform you immediately. We will not give up. As of today, please everyone do your best to decrease the spreding of the virus and help those people who are in need of support.

And don't forget PONY. "Protect Our Nation's Youth!

2020 European Zone Tournament



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