Schedule 2022

game time limit 2,5hrs visitor home  Result
1 Wednesday May 4th, 13.00h Croatia National Team Future Stars 20:09
2 Wednesday May 4th, 16.00h Lithuania National Team Netherlands Baseball United 12:05
3 Wednesday May 4th, 19.00h Stuttgart REDS Deutsche Baseball Akademie 04:10
4 Thursday May 5th, 10.00h North State Warriors Netherlands Baseball United 03:12
5 Thursday May 5th, 13.00h Poland National Team Lithuania National Team 00:22
6 Thursday May 5th, 16.00h Deutsche Baseball Akademie Croatia National Team 11:01
7 Thursday May 5th, 19.00h Future Stars Stuttgart REDS 07:13
8 Friday May 6th, 10.00h North State Warriors Lithuania National Team 02:09
9 Friday May 6th, 13.00h Netherlands Baseball United Poland National Team 12:11
10 Friday May 6th, 16.00h Stuttgart REDS Croatia National Team 14:10
11 Friday May 6th, 19.00h Deutsche Baseball Akademie Future Stars 07:03
12 Saturday May 7th, 10.00h Poland National Team North State Warriors 08:09
13 Saturday May 7th, 13.00h Future Stars Poland National Team 22:01
14 Saturday May 7th, 16.00h Netherlands Baseball United Deutsche Baseball Akademie 00:15
15 Saturday May 7th, 19.00h Stuttgart REDS Lithuania National Team 11:12
16 Sunday May 8th, 9.00h Croatia National Team North State Warriors 20:10
17 Sunday May 8th, 12.00h Netherlands Baseball United Stuttgart REDS 08:05
18 Sunday May 8th, 15.00h Deutsche Baseball Akademie Lithuania National Team 10:00

2022 European Zone Tournament



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